NAMASANKEERTANAM: Dr Udaiyalur K Kalyanaraman

NAMASANKEERTANAM: Dr Udaiyalur K Kalyanaraman

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In this masterclass, the master of Namasankeertanam teaches few compositions in the bhajana sampradaya tradition. He also offers glimpses into how effectively a raga can be used even in sankeertanams. Some of the compositions that he taught in this session are given below.  

Bhodeendra gurum - Kaanada
Dasharatha nandana - Desh Bhajan
Deveshagana - Saveri - Vijayagopala Swami
Jayajanaki ramana - Nattai - Bhadrachala Ramadas
Madhava bhavatu - Pantuvarali - Mangalam
Sharanu sharanu - Arabhi - Annamayya

Lyrics to the compositions are available here


Dr Kalyanaraman has been gracious enough to record these compositions in his voice and share them with us. Those recordings are included as part of this product as a reference.

You can choose to limited or life-time access to the videos in this collection. Once you purchase this lesson, please allow for 1-8 hours time for us to enable your access to this lesson.