BHAJANA MARGA KRTIS PART 1:Chitravina N Ravikiran

BHAJANA MARGA KRTIS PART 1:Chitravina N Ravikiran

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This masterclass includes an introduction to Bhajana Sampradaya by the master of this tradition, Udaiyalur Dr K Kalyanaraman. This is followed by a teaching session where Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran teaches a few of his Bhajana Marga Kritis compositions. The details are listed below.

List of compositions taught in the session are given below:

1. Shree ganeshwara - Revagupti - Mishra Chapu
2.Jaya jaya shankara - Shankara - Sankeerna Chapu
3.Jayatu jayatu Venkatesha - Nadanamakriya - Adi Tishra Gati
4.Prem karo - Rasali (Hindi) - Adi
5.Rama Rama - Poorvi Kalyani - Adi Tishra Gati
6.Gowri maha kaali - Maand - Adi

The lyrics can be found here.

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