108 Divya Desha Gaanamrtam 72 Mela Raga Mala Masterclass - Part 2

108 Divya Desha Gaanamrtam 72 Mela Raga Mala Masterclass - Part 2

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This masterclass recording offers students a golden opportunity to learn pioneering creations in the annals of Indian Culture and Music, consisting of 108 songs on each of the Divya Deshams, directly from the composer, Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran himself! 72 of these compositions are in the Melakartas.

This event has already happened on   Oct 15th and Oct 16th

Compositions that were covered in the session:

        Day 1

  • Vaikuntha vasane - Vishveshwarapriya - Adi
  • Himachalanatha - Chalanata - Adi
  • Panbu mikka jagannathan - Chakravakam - Roopakam
  • Tirukkottiyur Sowmya Narayana - Roopavati - Adi

       Day 2

  • Pashupati priya - Chitrambari - Roopakam
  • Padaippavanaiye padaittavane - Natakapriya - Sankeerna Chapu
  • Dwarakadheesham - Narayanagowla - Adi
  • Tillana - Vakulabharanam


  • Learn select compositions from this sublime Divya Desham Set.
  • Explore the aesthetics of the 72 Melakartas including vivadi ragas.
  • Improve your skills in popular as well as rare janya ragas & talas.


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Solo/Ensemble opportunities will be provided for those who perfect these compositions to perform on Acharyanet Sabha and in other Live or Online Events * Contact support@acharyanet.com to know more.