TALAMATICS-6 PARTS: Dr Ghatam Karthick

TALAMATICS-6 PARTS: Dr Ghatam Karthick

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Masterclass on Tala and Laya by Dr Ghatam Kartick. This is part of a 6-session course. LEVELS 1-6 are available here. Read a full summary of the session on our blog. The following topics were covered:


Enjoying Rhythm & Understanding the Concept of Carnatic Percussion
Basic Concept of Tala
The approach towards the Rhythmic System
Concept of Rhythm in a concert format
Basic Syllables

Angas – Laghu, Drutham, Anudrutham etc.
Grooves & Karvais
Konnakol Easy Exercises

LEVEL 3 & 4
A fun-filled informative session was in store for the music aspirants conducted by Dr Ghatam
Karthick for Acharyanet. As Dr Karthick puts it, Mathematics with aesthetics is laya. Laya is that
aspect of music which is to be experienced and not searched for, just like the Divine!
The session started off by inviting the participants to share their clarifications and views from the
previous masterclass sessions, to which many of the attendees responded eagerly. The first half of
the session saw the maestro explain briefly about neraval singing, improvisation techniques illustrated through konnakkol to elucidate the mathematical divisions. Akshara, maatra and laya aspects form the korvai, which are various forms of laya manifestations. He went on to explain and teach laya exercises, that can be practised not just by percussionists, but anyone in general, to overcome their fear of laya and get a good grip of it. For a building to be strong, its foundation has to be rock solid. The same holds true for a student of music as well. The basics of any musical genre
are the core elements that shape an artist’s skill and competence.
The second half of the session saw him review the exercises taught in the previous masterclass sessions for the benefit of those participants who missed out. The best part of Dr Karthick’s sessions would be the real-time examples and illustrations used to explain the concepts in a simple manner.
Every participant was encouraged to try the exercises and not shy away.

Refreshing the Basic Concepts of Tala & Laya
Aksharas - Matras - Karvais
Internalising Exercises
Gathi - Yathi
Kala Pramanams
Q&A session

Math of Music
Faruns - Mora - Korvai
Phrases - Patterns - Progressions
Framing Porutthams
Mora - Korvai
Metric Modulations
Fractional Talas
Q&A session

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